NX-1207: A New Treatment for BPH

NX-1207 is a novel drug developed by Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation for the treatment of BPH. NX-1207 is administered by a urologist in an office procedure that takes a few minutes, does not require any type of anesthesia or catheterization, and involves little or no pain or discomfort.

Phase 2 clinical trials have shown that men treated with NX-1207 reported statistically significant improvement in BPH symptoms 3 and 6 months after a single NX-1207 treatment with no reported serious drug-related side effects, including no (0%) significant sexual side effects. Patients notice improvement as early as a week or two after treatment.

Results of follow-up studies of available subjects from NX-1207 clinical trials have provided evidence of durable benefits from NX-1207 treatment for up to 6½ years from the date of a single treatment. 

NX-1207 treatment does not require taking pills daily for the rest of a patient’s life.

The Company's Phase 3 U.S, pivotal studies failed to reach their Primary Endpoints. However, the studies showed excellent safety results and efficacy at 6 months and longer and was in the range of previous successful studies of NX-1207. The Company is analyzing the data and continues to aim to develop this innovative treatment for BPH.